“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham "avert the danger that has not yet come" पूर्वजन्मकृतम्पापंव्याधिरूपेणबाधते।तच्छांतिःऔषधैःदानैःजपहोमक्रियादिभिः॥ Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi || Enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.

Mahamrityunjaya Yagya

This can help with general health issues. It can also help to prevent any upcoming health problems and help with Saturn Dasha problems.Literal meaning ‘Conqueror of death’, this miraculous Yagya is very popular in Vedic tradition, for alleviating diseases, physical and emotional disturbances, for ensuring a long and healthy life.This Yagya is also performed to give more strength to a normally healthy person, who are highly active in a responsible position and cannot afford even slight and minuscule illnesses.This is called the – King of Yagyas – and is meant for avoiding premature death and increasing span of life. This Homam is devoted to Lord Shiva.The Yagya is performed to get success over – MRITYU, which means death.The main point of worship during this Yagya is Lord Shiva.This Yagya is a life saving Yagya, creating heavenly positive guard around the person, for whose wellbeing this Yagya is organized. Spectrum of optimistic energies and vibrations cancel out all the pessimistic and wicked forces and save the person from bad luck. It gives long life, harmony, prosperity, success, happiness and endless life.When someone is unwell or wounded, Mahamrityunjaya Yagya is done round the clock to avoid the danger.

Maha Mrityunjaya Yagna procedure is complicated, but highly helpful for faster mending from any kind of sickness & improvement of fitness. Due to its strong remedial power, it helps to heal some never-ending diseases, which are declared uncurable by the doctors. The important offerings in Mahamrityunjaya Yagya Vidhi are herb called amrita and durva grass.

Mahamrityunjaya Yagya $801
DISCLAIMER : request Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center to perform the above-mentioned Poojas / Yagyas and agree to the above terms. The Yagyas will help to remove negative karma and help to co-create positive future karma. They work by divine power, however, it is important that I make every effort to comply with the instructions received and have faith and continue prayers. I agree that by participating in the Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center any knowledge gained will not be used as a substitute for health care treatment, programs, or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors. Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects.