“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham "avert the danger that has not yet come" पूर्वजन्मकृतम्पापंव्याधिरूपेणबाधते।तच्छांतिःऔषधैःदानैःजपहोमक्रियादिभिः॥ Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi || Enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.

Matangi Mahavidya Yagya – Wednesday October 16th, 2024. Ashviuja Purnima

Performing Ma Matangi Puja is highly recommended for individuals experiencing malefic transitions of the Sun in their planetary cycles (Antardasha or MahaDasha). Ma Matangi can alleviate the suffering caused by these unfavorable conditions, shielding devotees from accidents, job obstacles, natural calamities, and powerful adversaries.
  • Resolving marital discord Overcoming enemies
  • Mitigating accidents and harm
  • Alleviating mental afflictions
  • Removing obstacles in learning
  • Addressing hearing and speech disabilities, and
  • Dispelling negative energies.

Furthermore, Goddess Sri Matangi bestows tremendous fame and popularity upon her devotees, leading them to prestigious positions and quick advancement to leadership roles. Participation in the yagya blesses individuals with the power of speech (Vaak Siddhi), abundant material wealth, and serves as a remedial measure to pacify the influence of the Sun.


Significance of Devi Matangi

Matangi Mahavidya Yagya
DISCLAIMER : request Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center to perform the above-mentioned Poojas / Yagyas and agree to the above terms. The Yagyas will help to remove negative karma and help to co-create positive future karma. They work by divine power, however, it is important that I make every effort to comply with the instructions received and have faith and continue prayers. I agree that by participating in the Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center any knowledge gained will not be used as a substitute for health care treatment, programs, or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors. Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects.