“हेयम् दुःखमनागतम्" || Heyum dukhaman agatham "avert the danger that has not yet come" पूर्वजन्मकृतम्पापंव्याधिरूपेणबाधते।तच्छांतिःऔषधैःदानैःजपहोमक्रियादिभिः॥ Poorva Janma kritam papam vyadhi roopena badhatey | Tat shanthihi aushadaihi danaihi japa homa kriyadibhihi || Enliven natural law for a specific desired effect.

Significance of Shiva and Karteeka Maasa

Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being and is considered the demolisher of all negative forces. He defends devotees from bad forces and probable dangers. Shiva is the Divine Cosmic Dancer and the source of fruitfulness in all living beings, both the Rudrabhishekam Pooja and Yagya are done by our well-trained Vedic Pundits with full dedication for the fulfilment of one’s aspirations under the guidance of Pundit Sharma Samavedula.

In this special puja, we worship Lord Shiva as “Maha Linga.” In this specific form of Yagya, we make 365 small clay Lingams and we organize them into one giant Linga form. Then, we worship Lord Shiva in 11 Avaranas (enclosures). In the middle of the Shiva Linga, we do Abhishekam for Shiva and Shakti together. The most significant aspect of this form of worshipping is that one can be dramatically benefitted karmically by doing this daily Shiva Abhishekam. This puja is prescribed to perform especially in the month of Kartika. This is why Pandit Samavedula (Yagya Centre) is organizing this special form of Yagya in order to benefit the sponsors. Abhishekam will be performed with Panchamrutams and 21 different kinds of ingredients along with  the daily Pasupata Yagyas listed below.

These Yagyas are especially beneficial for all, including homemakers, individuals, businesses, investors, corporations, organizations, etc. All the sponsors will be benefited with financial improvement, success, and prosperity, and also be blessed with happiness. All the Yagyas will be done in your name in the most authentic way by the expert Pundits in a pure and sanctified environment. This will be done daily for a whole month. Please utilize this opportunity and participate  in these  Special Yagyas .


To diminish the negative effect of the aggrieved moon and strengthen Chandra Nakshatra.To create harmony, prosperity & wealth.
To diminish negativity, purify bad karma & give protection in life.To provide protection from bad forces & probable dangers.
To decrease the effects of illnesses and sicknessesTo achieve self-confidence and strength.
To create a positive and friendly environment at work placesTo dissolve past and birth Doshas
To increase sales and gain monetary benefits in businessesTo improve situations in employment, business, agriculture, legal issues, and relationship issues
DISCLAIMER : request Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center to perform the above-mentioned Poojas / Yagyas and agree to the above terms. The Yagyas will help to remove negative karma and help to co-create positive future karma. They work by divine power, however, it is important that I make every effort to comply with the instructions received and have faith and continue prayers. I agree that by participating in the Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center any knowledge gained will not be used as a substitute for health care treatment, programs, or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors. Vedic (Vydic) Yagya Center does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects.